Commonwealth Bank

Studio Paperform worked with the creative team from Re Agency to create a series of lush paper sets for the Commonwealth Bank’s Start Smart campaign.

Brief: Design and create four highly detailed paper illustrations to populate the Start Smart website. Under the titles Primary, Secondary, Post-school and Teachers, conjure a visual mise-en-scène to change the way young people see finance.

Story: For this series, we told our story through paper detail and paper texture. At each stage of a customer’s interaction with the Start Smart program, the level of detail in the corresponding illustration builds too, reflecting their own increasing financial sophistication. The clean smart lines of the style reflect the brand’s crisp art direction. Because the bank wants young people to enjoy they way they learn about money, the use of paper sculpture is an engaging approach. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Commonwealth Bank again.

Photography:Christopher Morris
Material:Specialty papers, foamcore, glue